About Me

only-1-child-picHi, my name is Crystal and thanks for coming to learn a little bit about me. Well where should I start……I am a proud mother of a beautiful teenage daughter name Niyah, and yup you guess it, she is my only child. I am a wife, work a full time job and I am a group fitness instructor part time. I am not your typical mom.  Although my daughter is a teenager I love to have fun with her any way I possibly can. I believe as a parent that you should be firm and strict in many ways but also let your inner child out once in a while. In my case it’s all the time.

Although I say I am not your typical mom, I can assure you that I have probably been through some of the things some of you have been through or are experiencing. My advice, just hold on tight, the road gets rough at times but it will smooth out eventually.  There are many people that have asked me or just assumed that when I got married I would have another child. My quick response was, is and always will be NO!. NOW there is absolutely nothing wrong with having more than one child, I just have my own personal reasoning for only wanting one like I am sure some of you have. It is a challenge and an adventure when you have a child, its a beautiful feeling. Join me on my adventures of having only one child and I look forward to joining you on yours.

“It’s great and it’s fun to only have one”